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Hgtn. Co. cancer patients are eligible for assistance

According to American Cancer Society’s “Cancer Facts & Figures 2020,” an estimated 37,940 Hoosiers were diagnosed with new cancer cases in 2020.

These cases can vary in many different ways, from how early the diagnosis is made, to where the cancer has affected the body, to the age, race or sex of the person diagnosed with cancer. But, for those who are fighting a cancer diagnosis, there is one thing they have in common: the burden of the cost associated with treatment.


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Curbside leaf collection to begin in Hgtn.

Curbside leaf collection for the City of Huntington will begin today, Monday, Oct. 18.

There are five leaf collection zones that match weekly garbage routes. City crews will start in Zone 1 (Monday’s garbage route) and continue into Zones 2 through 5 as each is completed. The city will repeat the collection process until leaf season ends, usually by the end of the year.


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Andrews TC discusses ongoing projects

Prior to the Tuesday, Oct. 12, Andrews Town Council meeting, council representatives Roger Newsome (left) and John Harshbarger (right) met with Eric Woodmansee (center) of AME Consulting to take a look at the progress made on the town sidewalk project on Main Street.
Photo by Katelynn Farley

Several project updates were the main topic of discussion during the Tuesday, Oct. 12, Andrews Town Council meeting, including the town waterworks project, sidewalk project and the FEMA buyout.

Council President John Harshbarger started the meeting off by having Eric Woodmansee, of AME Consulting, give progress updates for the waterworks project. According to Woodmansee, Mike Kleinpeter, of Kleinpeter Consulting Group LLC, was still moving forward with the Office of Community and Rural Affairs (OCRA) portion of the project.


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Columbia City tops HN boys soccer in sectional

Huntington North High School varsity soccer player Braden Estep gears up to launch the ball back into play during the Saturday, Oct. 9, sectional championship game against Columbia City High School.
Photo by Katelynn Farley

The Huntington North High School boys soccer team traveled to New Haven High School for their third round of sectional play on Saturday, Oct. 9, to take on the Columbia City Eagles in the sectional championship game.

Columbia City made it onto the board shortly into the second half of the game, when junior Elijah Hochstetler sailed past Huntington’s defense to make a goal. Rayne Bridges then scored to take things 2-0.

HN senior Ashton Hosler successfully put Huntington on the board, earning their only goal for the day.


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Looking at student art

Photo by Katelynn Farley

Roanoke Elementary School students recently did their own Plein Air art pieces in Roanoke and several were given ribbons for their hard work. Featured, “A Renaissance in Roanoke” patrons view the pieces of art created by the students during the Saturday, Oct. 9, event.