Restaurant changes include new name, new owner

Moe El-Hussein (right), owner of Moe’s Restaurant, greets patron Phil Bitzer (center) and his wife Bertha at the restaurant in Huntington. Photo by Steve Clark.

Ugalde's Family Restaurant, in Huntington, became Moe's Restaurant this past December.

The new name was one of several changes to come to the local eatery, which also sports a newly remodeled interior and exterior, a new menu, even new dishes and silverware.

Credit new owner Moe El-Hussein with the restaurant's overhaul. A co-owner with the restaurant's previous management, El-Hussein became principal owner last year.

El-Hussein's title as owner is his latest designation in the restaurant business, which he's been immersed in for more than 20 years, serving in a variety of roles, from waiter, to chef, to manager.

"When I went to college I had a part-time job (in the restaurant business) and then I went to a full-time job," El-Hussein says. "I graduated from college and I guess food was my passion. I decided I wanted to stick with it."

El-Hussein wrote the restaurant's new menu, which contains a variety of different dishes, and emphasized creating a comfy atmosphere.

"I want (customers) to enjoy the stay as much as the food," El-Hussein says.

Moe's opened on Dec. 26 last year, but El-Hussein says that he's targeting a date in mid-March to host a grand opening event at the restaurant, by which time Moe's will have its liquor license and be able to offer patrons wine and beer selections.

El-Hussein says he is delighted with the response Moe's has generated from the community so far.

"I really want to thank everybody who's stopped by and gave us a shot," El-Hussein says. "The reaction, the feedback from the customers, it makes me feel good. Makes me feel like I'm succeeding. I want to give them more."

Moe's Restaurant is located at 2990 W. Park Drive, Huntington.

Complete caption:
Moe El-Hussein (right), owner of Moe's Restaurant, greets patron Phil Bitzer (center) and his wife Bertha at the restaurant in Huntington. The restaurant, formerly Ugalde's Family Restaurant, has undergone several changes since El-Hussein became its principal owner last year.