Heritage Pointe pool players report good luck

Clarence Myers, Jim Jones, Richard Hinton, Kay Mounsey and Ralph Taylor (from left) enjoy playing pool at Heritage Pointe, in Warren. On Jan. 14, Hinton sank five balls on the break shot, while Jones sank four balls on the break shot Jan. 24. Photo provided.

Two pool players at Heritage Pointe, in Warren, reported some unusually good luck.

Richard Hinton sank five pool balls on the break shot during play on Jan. 14.

Kay Mounsey set up the shot. Hinton sank two solid and three striped balls, as recounted by Melvin Dooley who witnessed the event.

Ralph Taylor, Kay Mounsey, Clarence Myers and Jim Jones also saw the shot.

Sinking five balls is unusual, as usually one to three balls are sunk on a break shot.

Then, on Jan. 24, Jim Jones sank four solid-colored balls on the break shot.

All the balls went into pockets on the right side of the table, one at each end and two in the side pocket. His break shot was from the left side of the pool table.