Love INC ministry coordinator gets joy from mission being served

Photo by Rebecca Sandlin.

Originally published Aug. 14, 2014.

The joy that Kyle Metzger receives from helping his fellow man is not just in seeing them receive a helping hand, but in giving them the opportunity to grab their bootstraps with their own hands and help themselves.

Metzger has been in the position of ministry coordinator at Love In the Name of Christ for only three months, but already he has helped an average of 30 families a month to combat the spiral of poverty.


Good Samaritan comes through at several intersection crashes

Photo by Rebecca Sandlin.

Originally published Aug. 11, 2014.

It was the day of their 61st anniversary, June 26.

Harold and Louise Campbell were headed home to Warren from a luncheon celebration in Fort Wayne when their car collided with another vehicle at one of Huntington County's most dangerous crossroads, the intersection of Ind.-9 and CR100N.

"That's where we saw a car go in front of us and my husband says, ‘Oh, it looks like we're going to hit him!' So I kind of braced myself," says Louise Campbell. "I guess that was the wrong thing to do."


Northwest principal says education is calling

Photo by Lauren Winterfeld.

Originally published Aug. 11, 2014.

Mark Dubois is settling into his new position as principal of Northwest Elementary School as students at Northwest, and in other Huntignton County schools, prepare to return to classes on Wednesday, Aug. 13.

"The education profession has been my calling in life," says DuBois.

He succeeds former school principal Terry Pierce, who retired at the end of the 2013-14 school year.


Smart Girls Club successful in keeping teens from being teen moms

Photo by Rebecca Sandlin.

Originally published Aug. 7, 2014.

There's no shying away from hot topics in the Smart Girls Club. Sometimes serious, sometimes hilarious, but always on point: abstinence is the best way for a young lady to stay safe and keep her self esteem high.


Therapeutic horse riding in Roanoke helping students become ‘winners’

Photo by Rebecca Sandlin.

Originally published Aug. 4, 2014.

Summer Duggins is a winner, even though some may not notice it at first.

Born a "micro-preemie" at 24 weeks with both physical and mental disabilities, Summer has learned to overcome her physical obstacles - on horseback.

Duggins, 12, of Fort Wayne, has a weekly appointment with Strutty, an American Quarter Horse at Oak Hill Farm in Roanoke. She's been riding at the stable since she was 3.


Storytime of a different nature helping some kids in Warren

Photo by Rebecca Sandlin.

At the Warren Public Library, storytime of a different nature is helping some children learn to speak the language of their parents as well as educate them about healthy nutrition.

The idea was conceived by Huntington County Purdue Extension Director Karen Hinshaw, who was looking for a way to reach out to the county's Hispanic population.
She called upon Extension educator Veronica Moscoso to head up the program.

The Extension made use of a program called First Books, which provides the Spanish language children's storybooks for only a shipping charge.