Silver lining to last year’s wind storm turns out to be student’s design for 4-H building

Graphic provided.

They say every cloud has a silver lining.

The storm cloud here passed through in June of 2012, bringing a large tree down upon the goat and sheep building at Hier's Park just weeks before the 2012 4-H Fair.

The collision was, at first, a setback.

But this week, the cloud's silver lining has grown apparent as Huntington North High School senior Austin Garde's blueprints for the proposed new FFA pole barn were presented to the 4-H Fair Board.


Warren resident Couch loves education and a good challenge

Photo by Steve Clark.

Originally published Feb. 18, 2013.

At 81, Warren resident Bill Couch is learning how to play the ocarina, a type of flute.

Six years ago, he started woodworking for the first time in his life, producing everything from bookshelves to cabinets, as well as restoring antique pieces.

It's because he's interested in knowledge, he says. And also because he likes a challenge.


Local Penguin Club’s focus has changed much since formation

Photo by Cindy Klepper.

It's been 74 years, and the girls are still getting together.

"We go out to eat, and then we go back to one of the homes," says Betty Schoeff, the "baby'" of the club.
"Now, we usually show pictures of our grandchildren."

Grandchildren - and great-grandchildren - weren't even close to being in the picture when the Penguin Club had its start.

Back then, its members were a bunch of giggly high school girls with movies (and boys) on their minds.


State grant will help Forks tie historic island to local property

Photo by Cindy Klepper.

An uninhabited island with a history reaching back a couple of centuries will come back to life this spring, thanks to a state grant and the efforts of Historic Forks of the Wabash volunteers.

A $56,000 grant, which was presented to the Historic Forks of the Wabash board of directors on Tuesday, Feb. 5, will be used to tie the island to the Forks property by means of a walking path and footbridge.


Job shadowing program works well for six HNHS sophomores

Photo by Lauren M. Wilson.

Traveling outside Huntington, or even Indiana, to study roller coaster design, electrical engineering, natural resource management, diesel mechanics, meteorology or oncology isn't the typical day in the life of a Huntington North High School student, but for six sophomores participating in the school's new job-shadowing program, these unique experiences have become their own.


Childhood fascination turns into huge adult hobby for local man

Photo by Andre B. Laird.

Originally published Feb. 4, 2013.

Within A.F.O.L. (Adult Followers Of LEGOS) circles, Huntington resident Matthew Stephenson is considered a purist.

Stemming from a childhood fascination for building and seeing how things are constructed, Stephenson has spent the last few years amassing quite a collection.

"I've played with LEGOS since I was little," he states. "I got my first set when I was about 6 years old."

Stephenson adds that he played with LEGOS until the "Dark Ages," a period most adult LEGO enthusiasts undergo.


Patterson’s murder mysteries among local readers’ favorites

Photo by Cindy Klepper.

Originally published Jan. 31, 2013.

Oh, those gloomy months of February and March.

Christmas is in the past; spring is in the future.

What we have is rain.




The remedy - in Huntington at least - seems to be curling up with a good book.

"We get a lot of readership in February and March," says Kathy Holst, director of the Huntington City-Township Public Library.

And our favorite topic, it seems, is murder - at least the fictional kind served up by novelist James Patterson.


Armed with consistent approach to the game, Tackett now rolls with the pros

Photo by Steve Clark.

Originally published Jan. 28, 2013.

The secret to being a professional bowler isn't being good.

It's being consistently good.

That's a lesson that EJ Tackett, of Huntington, is learning right now.

Tackett, 20, became a professional bowler last November.

It was the culmination of competing in years of tournaments where he displayed the same skill and consistency that professional bowlers have to a regular basis.