‘Other’ Sheets built collections from lifetime of seeing the world

Photo by Cindy Klepper.

Cosette Sheets wasted no time getting off the farm.
"She wanted to see the world," says her niece, Brenda Knepper.

And see the world she did. Sheets visited all seven continents, meticulously documenting each journey - dates and miles traveled, highlights of the trip and details of the items she brought back with her.

She filled her home with mementoes of those travels, but never once did a shot glass labeled "Niagara Falls" cross her threshold.


Program at reservoirs on May 4 to explain about area dam concepts

Photo provided.

"People have no concept of how it all works," says Marvin McNew, director of Upper Wabash Interpretive Services.

He is referring to Salamonie Reservoir's earth-filled dam.

But the Upper Wabash Interpretive Services team wants to change that.

On Saturday, May 4, they will host a "Reservoir Roots" slide show at both Salamonie and Mississinewa reservoirs.

The presentation features a collection of 50-year-old slides, taken by Clyde Dawson, that document the building of the dams at Salamonie, Mississinewa and Roush Lake.


Huntington snares 18th straight DNR ‘Tree City USA’ designation

Photo by Andre B. Laird.

Originally published April 22, 2013.

When it comes to beautification and healthy trees, the city of Huntington has been doing its part for almost two decades.

Huntington has been recognized as one of Indiana's "Tree City USA" for 18 consecutive years - a designation bestowed by the Department of Natural Resources Division of Forestry.

Bob Caley, City Services superintendent, says the city has worked hard to maintain its status.


Daugherty getting his first taste of wrapping up HNHS school year

Photo by Lauren M. Wilson.

Originally published April 18, 2013.

Warm weather has finally returned to Huntington, and thoughts are turning to spring and all its features - blooming flowers, green grass, fresh air, weddings and, most importantly for Huntington North High School seniors and Principal Chad Daugherty, graduation.

Wrapping up the school year at the high school is a new experience for Daugherty, who will end his first year serving as the school's principal.

For the seniors, this is the last time they will take finals or count down to the last day of school.


Free time for these Huntington University students results in videos for rest of the campus enjoyment

Photo by Andre B. Laird.

What do you do with your free time as a college student?

Frisbee golf?

Late night video game tournaments?

"Big Bang Theory" season two marathon?

For the guys living on the third floor of Wright Hall at Huntington University, their outlet is W3 Productions.

Birthed more than three years ago, W3 Productions (W3 stands for Wright third) started making spoof and music videos for personal and campus enjoyment, posting a few of them on the group's YouTube page.


New Sotterlee Project members are quietly doing their work preserving history in area

Photo by Lauren M. Wilson.

Originally published April 8, 2013.

Preserving history is a business its members are quietly doing.

The New Sotterlee Project is a non-profit organization that is doing work in Huntington County, in the surrounding areas - and across the globe.

But, most Huntington residents probably don't know who the group members are or what they do.

J.H. Northrop, director of the organization, says members stay, "hidden - low key."

The group is small, and has only just begun making big developments in the area.


Former local, now a ‘science star’ in cancer research, to speak at Roanoke luncheon

Photo provided.

Originallhy published April 4, 2013.

Years ago, Dr. Mark R. Kelley was just a fifth-grader at an elementary school in Huntington County.

"I was always interested in science and actually I remember my fifth grade science teacher, Mr. Williams, was really good," he says. "He really challenged the kids. He was a lot of fun to learn from."


Andrews embarking on tax experiment with cut levy for 2013

Photo by Cindy Klepper.

The town of Andrews is embarking on an experiment.
For 2013, the town is asking its residents to pay just enough in property taxes to cover the year's town expenses. The experiment will knock nearly 60 cents off the town's property tax rate.

"We need tax relief out here," Andrews Clerk-Treasurer Bill Johnson says.