Garrett’s ‘opportunity’ at Parkview Huntington coming to close soon

Photo by Rebecca Sandlin.

Originally published June 26, 2014.

When Darlene Garrett began her health care career in 1978 as a night nurse on the medical-surgical unit at Caylor-Nickel (now Bluffton Regional) Medical Center, she had no idea that 20 years later she would eventually serve as chief operating officer of an entire hospital in Huntington.


Retiring library exec director won’t let grass grow underfoot

Photo by Rebecca Sandlin.

Originally published June 19, 2014.

When Kathy Holst retires as executive director of the Huntington City-Township Public Library, she may just pick up where she left off so many years ago - in Argentina.

"I've always been interested in paleontology," she explains. "I was an exchange student in Argentina when I was in high school. And that new, great big, giant dinosaur - largest in the world - that they just found down there? I might go back and investigate that. Maybe even help dig it up."


Campaign chair to tee off for kick-off

Photo by Cindy Klepper.

Originally published June 16, 2014.

The unofficial official kick-off to the 2014 Huntington County United Way campaign is one that will leave campaign Chair Pete Schownir dragging.

In fact, he's already scheduled a visit to the chiropractor midway through the day and a massage for the next morning.

Schownir is taking his favorite leisure-time activity and turning it into a marathon, setting out to play 81 holes of golf on six golf courses in one day.


United Way collections to flow back as grants

Originally published June 16, 2014.

All of those individual donations to the Huntington County United Way last year will flow back to the community this year in the form of grants to local social service agencies.

For the 2014-15 fiscal year, nearly $400,000 in United Way funding will support 27 programs offered by 17 organizations.

Each of the programs supported by those grants fits into one of four areas - education, financial stability, health and wellness and crisis needs - where the United Way wants to have an impact on the community.


More stories to tell, curtain to go up on Theatre Guild: Act II

Photo by Cindy Klepper.

Originally published June 12, 2014.

Once upon a time, the people of Huntington got up on stage to tell stories.

Then the people got tired, and the stories faded away.

"We just got burned out," says David Dean, one of the storytellers.

But there are still stories to tell, and there's a new energy among the people who want to tell them.

Cue the lights, and open the curtain on the Huntington Theatre Guild: Act II.


Retiring teacher, coach Vance leaves lasting legacy for girls’ sports at HNHS

Photo by Steve Clark.

In the early days of the girls' track program at Huntington North High School, the most important exchanges didn't involve batons in relays, but uniforms between races.

A nonexistent budget coupled with a large squad necessitated the sharing of team-issued garb amongst its members, with girls at the end of one race swapping threads with girls who were at the start of another.

In addition to giving each other the shirts off their backs, the girls also served as each other's starting blocks in practice - again, due to the lack of funds.


Bell tower, focal point at Victory Noll, speaks volumes to Carney about missions

Photo by Rebecca Sandlin.

Originally published June 5, 2014.

The large bell encased in a tower, which stands as the focal point at Victory Noll, was cast in 1885, is 31 inches in diameter, weighs 550 pounds and rings the musical note of "C."

But it is what the bell symbolizes that speaks to the heart and life's calling of many of the sisters at Victory Noll, and Sister Alodia Carney in particular.


2014 Miss Huntington is not just another pretty face

Photo by Cindy Klepper.

Let it not be said that the 2014 Miss Huntington is just another pretty face.

If Alli Harris gets anything across to people from her experience as this year's queen and a candidate in the upcoming Miss Indiana pageant, it's that this beauty queen has more depth to her character and to her mission.

"I am here as a goodwill ambassador to our community, and to brighten the eyes of those in our community and help them know that their dreams can come true," she says.


Huntington resident Jepsen makes the ultimate comeback from cardiac arrest

Photo by Lauren Winterfeld.

Originally published May 29, 2014.

"It was just God looking after us I guess," says John Jepsen, who was revived after suffering a cardiac arrest in March.

The attack was brought on while he was at Parkview Huntington Hospital waiting to have his gallbladder taken out. His gallbladder ruptured, which caused the attack.

"I went into septic shock," he explains, "and that's what caused my cardiac arrest. I also had renal failure - my kidneys went down too."