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School board approves plan to make up 13 missed school days

The Huntington County Community School Corporation (HCCSC) Board of Trustees has approved a plan to make up the 13 missed school days the corporation has accumulated due to inclement weather this year.

Of the 13 days missed, one day will be made up by applying for the one-day Indiana Department of Education waiver. If approved by the IDOE, this will allow corporations to waive student attendance for one instructional day.

Three more days will be made up through built-in snow days.

One day will be made up on Good Friday, which will be an early release day.

Warren TC to have special meet

The Warren Town Council has scheduled a special meeting for today, Monday, Feb. 24, at 4 p.m. in Assembly Hall, 131 N. Wayne St., Warren.

The council plans to discuss options related to the employee benefit package, which includes medical and other benefit insurance coverage.


Markle council ends price break for pool fills and garden sprinkling

Residents in Markle who want to fill up their swimming pools or water large gardens this summer will have to pay full price for their water, after town council members decided to discontinue the "Summer Sprinkling" program.

Councilmen Jeff Humbarger, Mark Hamilton and Rick Bower voted unanimously to cut the discount water program at their regular meeting Wednesday, Feb. 19.

The move affects about three dozen pools served by the town's water utility.

BZA to rule on variance for pool

The Huntington County Board of Zoning Appeals has one item on the agenda for its Feb. 25 meeting.

Kristin Borton has requested a variance from development standards, asking that she receive a 15-foot variance from the 25-foot rear yard setback requirement for a deck and pool on property at 3639W-900N, Huntington.

The board will meet at 6:30 p.m. in the GAR Room of the Huntington County Courthouse.


RTPA steps up to fund fireworks show

A representative from the Roanoke Tractor Pullers Association announced at the Tuesday, Feb. 18, meeting of the Roanoke Town Council that his group will fund the town's Fourth of July fireworks show this year.

Denis Dearduff, representing the association, said the group would provide $5,500 for the display. That is the estimated total cost of the fireworks display, according to records provided by Clerk-Treasurer JoAnne Kirchner.

The show had originally been canceled for 2014 when the state reduced the town's park budget, which had traditionally funded the show.

Two bridge projects go forward

A couple of bridge projects in Huntington County are slowly moving forward, while a third has been pushed back at least a year.

The first project, to rehabilitate "Bridge 123" that spans the Wabash River on CR 475W - also known as Rangeline Road - is in the process of purchasing parcels of land for right-of-way construction.

Markle council agrees to Huntington Township fire contract

The Markle Town Council has agreed to provide fire protection for unincorporated portions of Huntington Township.

In a special meeting called Thursday, Feb. 13, councilmen voted 3-0 to accept an agreement between Huntington Township and the Markle Volunteer Fire Department for firefighting and first responder services.
Council President Jeff Humbarger said that because Huntington Township canceled its fire protection agreement with the city of Huntington, it is seeking outside help to take up the slack.

Warren expects extra traffic during Ind.-5 project

Replacement of a culvert under Ind.-5 just north of Warren will likely increase traffic on town streets as motorists take an unofficial detour around the construction.

The Indiana Department of Transportation, which is doing the work on Ind.-5 this summer, has offered to reimburse the town for street repairs necessitated by the increased traffic, provided the town meets certain conditions.

During a special meeting on Thursday, Feb. 13, members of the Warren Town Council agreed to those conditions, which include allowing INDOT to inspect the damage before it is repaired.

GOP will see five county-level races in primary

Huntington County Republicans will see five county-level races on the primary ballot in May.

Democrats, however, will see little action in the primary.

The deadline for candidates to file was last Friday, Feb. 7, and that date passed with only one Democrat signing up to run for a county office.

Local Democrat officials have the option of appointing candidates to run in the November general election for offices where there were no primary candidates.

Huntington County election officials attend state conference

Huntington County election officials attended the Indiana Election Administrators Conference Dec. 17 and 18 in Indianapolis to prepare for the 2014 elections.

County Clerk Kittie Keiffer, Voter Registration Deputy Pamela Fowler and Election Board members Lori Guy and Kenneth Zuk were among the 380 election officials from across the state to attend the conference.

Huntington Police Dept. adds 3 new officers

Assistant Chief Pat Scher (left) and Chief E.J. Carroll (right) stand with the three newest members of the Huntington Police Department after the new officers were sworn in on Monday, Feb. 10.
Photo by Cindy Klepper.

Three new officers have joined the Huntington Police Department, filling vacancies created late last year.

Eric Fluck, Scott Winter and Landon Sell were sworn in as officers during a ceremony held Monday, Feb. 10, in the council chambers in the Huntington City Building.

They will receive training locally until the end of March, when they will attend a 16-week training program at the Indiana Police Academy. Following the completion of that program, they will take their places with the Huntington Police Department.

Some lost time could be made up with longer school days

Since the beginning of January, students in the Huntington County Community School Corporation have missed 12 days of school.

Now, the hot topic on the minds of all parents, students and teachers is how those days will be made up.

Indiana Department of Education (IDOE) Superintendent Glenda Ritz issued a memo to HCCSC administrators on Friday, Feb. 7, offering several options for some "out-of-the-box" ways to make up the missed time, says HCCSC Superintendent Tracey Shafer.

Andrews council approves fire pact with Huntington Township

The Andrews Town Council agreed to a fire protection contract with Huntington Township during its Monday, Feb. 10, meeting.

The contract, which commits the Andrews Volunteer Fire Department to provide fire protection to a portion of Huntington Township, was rewritten following council's Jan. 27 meeting to reflect changes suggested by council.

Banks’ bills on education, veterans move to House

Two measures authored by State Sen. Jim Banks (R-Columbia City) have been approved by the Indiana Senate.

Senate Bill 204, which Banks says will improve teacher education accountability, passed the Senate by unanimous vote on Feb. 4. It would require the teacher education departments of Indiana higher education to submit information to the Indiana Department of Education. The information, dealing with success rates of those programs' graduates, would be made public on the state's website.

EMA wants to make sure citizens on same page

Huntington County Emergency Management Agency Director Lindsie Goss searches for information at one of the consoles located in the county’s Emergency Operations Center.
Photo by Rebecca Sandlin.

With all the recent weather activity causing school cancellations and condition warnings, the Huntington County Emergency Management Ag-ency wants to make sure all the county's citizens are safely on the same page.

EMA Director Lindsie Goss says getting the word out about county road and travel conditions is important, but she wants to straighten out any confusion about what kinds of information people are receiving.