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Announce Huntington County 4-H fair auction results

Cale Burnau (left) surveys the crowd while walking with his chicken during the poultry sale at the Huntington County 4-H Fair Auction on Thursday, July 24.
Photo by Steve Clark.

The following are the results of the 2014 Huntington County 4-H Fair auction held Thursday, July 24.

They are:

Three gallons of milk were sold for a total of $2,480, which included the record-setting $1,330 in premium dollars paid to junior showman Devin Pearson.

Results of the 2014 dairy auction include the 4-H member's name, premium price and the buyer.

Individual sales were:

Announce woodworking champions

Results of the 4-H woodworking project judging have been announced.

They are:

Level 1
Champion: Cole Collins.

Reserve champion: Vivian Hinshaw.

Select several champions in 4-H gardening project judging

The winners of the 4-H gardening project judging have been announced.

They are:

Champions: Ian N. Broderick, Eryn Dolby, Malijah A. Foust, Coradela J. Helton, Jackson Lemar and Jenna B. Poulson.

Reserve champions: Daniel J. Hardy, Emma M. Haupert, Mara A. Hendryx, Madeline Rubrake, Ryan J. Shipbaugh and Owen Vickrey.

Select winners of 4-H cake decorating project

Results for the 4-H cake decorating project have been announced.

They are:

Stephanie Atkinson, champion. Riley K. Richardson, reserve champion.

Holzinger and Ramp are champions in 4-H strawberry project judging

The winners of the 4-H strawberry project judging have been announced.

They are:

Champions: Emma Holzinger and Brendon Ramp.

Reserve champion: Zach Ramp and Kaitlyn M. Stephan.

Blue ribbons with honors: Emma Holzinger, Brendon Ramp, Zach Ramp, Kaitlyn M. Stephan and Darin Thomas.


Dennis, Suchcicki and Winters pair tops in farm tractor; Jackson, Ramp and Stephan are LG tractor champs

Results of the 4-H tractor operators contest have been announced.

They are:


Champion: Addison Dennis, poster; and Colin J. Suchcicki.

Reserve champion: Joshua V. Hill.

Blue ribbon, with honors: Addison Dennis.
Blue ribbons: Joshua V. Hill and Colin J. Suchcicki.

Champion: Julie Winters, poster; and Michael Winters.

Reserve champion: Jacob H. Hiatt.

Announce champions in 4-H floriculture project

Results have been announced in the 4-H floriculture project.

They are:

Level A
Taryn Jojola, champion.

Blue ribbon, with honors: Taryn Jojola.

Level B
Mackenzie M. LaCroix and Wilson H. Whicker, champions.

Blue ribbons, with honors: Mackenzie M. LaCroix and Wilson H. Whicker.
Blue ribbons: Rylie J. Farr and Katie A. Melcher.

Level C
Colt D. Myers and Montana Phillips, champions.

Many grand champions rise to top in various 4-H poultry classes

Following are the results of the 4-H poultry show.

They are:

Angus Jones, grand champion broiler.

Alyse Geiger, reserve grand champion broiler.

Lightweight: Taylor Clark, champion; Gabrielle Malone, reserve champion.

Middleweight: Angus Jones, champion; Rachel Cave, reserve champion.

Heavyweight: Alyse Geiger, champion; Elaina Teusch, reserve champion.

Trio of champions in 4-H wildlife project judging

Results of the 4-H wildlife project judging have been announced.

They are:
Level A
Champion: Wyatt M. Dohrman.

Reserve champion: Grace E. LaMar.

Blue ribbons, with honors: Wyatt M. Dohrman, Matthew Grube, Katelyn M. McMillan, James H. Ormiston and Grace LaMar.

Blue ribbons: Kristina Campos, Benjamin Covey and Ashton Eppard.
Red ribbon: Victoria Donaldson.

Level B
Champion: Maggie M. Park.

Reserve champion: Morgan Stout.
Blue ribbons, with honors: Matthew McMillan, Maggie M. Park and Morgan Stout.

Name several winners in various 4-H crops project categories

The winners of the 4-H crops projects have been announced.

They are:


Champion: Matthew McMillan.

Reserve champions: Michael P. Henderson and Owen Vickrey.

Blue ribbons, with honors: Matthew McMillan and Owen Vickrey.

Blue ribbons: Colin J. Suchcicki.

Champion: Jalyn R. Campbell.

Reserve champion: Austin Mounsey.

Blue ribbons, with honors: Jalyn R. Campbell, Tyler Kline and Austin Mounsey.

Blue ribbon: Tyler J. Stephan.