Special Events & Festivals

Kid art

Photo by Steve Clark.

Elizabeth LaMar works on her canvas painting at the Markle Wildcat Festival on Saturday, June 11, in an event conducted by Giggabuggy, of Huntington.

Mounted shooting demo

Photo by Steve Clark.

Chad Kreider shoots out a balloon and maneuvers his horse at the Mounted Regulators mounted shooting demonstration at the Markle Wildcat Festival on Saturday, June 11.

Coming up for a breath

Photo by Steve Clark.

Cheo Horner comes up for a breath before digging in to his second pie in the Markle Festival Pie-Eating Contest on Saturday, June 11, at Markle Park.

Bucked off

Photo by Steve Clark.

Blake Anson starts his way off the mechanical bull in the children's activities at the Markle Park as part of the Markle Wildcat Fesitval on Saturday afternoon, June 11.

Grouches working at the parade

Photo by Steve Clark.

The Markle Grouches judge the Markle Wildcat Fesitval Parade on Saturday morning, June 11. Working hard are (from left) grouches Kyle Decot, Brian Clabaugh, Tracy Ripley and Nicolle Helvie and parade master of ceremonies Jeff Humbarger.

Colorful entry

Photo by Steve Clark.

Members of iAB financial bank come down the parade route as part of the bank's entry at the Markle Wildcat Festival Parade on Saturday morning, June 11.

Wildcat Festival tunes

Photo by Steve Clark.

Sean Loomis (left) and David Hurt of the band Drymill Road perform at the Markle Wildcat Festival on Friday evening, June 10, at Markle Park in the main tent.

Answering the question

Photo by Steve Clark.

Markle Wildcat Festival pageant contestant Markie Price answers a quesiton during the pageant on Friday evening, June 10, at the Makle Park main tent. Price wound up winning the Miss Wildcat title.

Markle grouches

Photo by Steve Clark.

Each year the residents of Markle select four grouches -- a nod to the town's claim of having 1,102 happy poeple and four grouches -- as recognition of their service to the community. Putting on their best grouch faces for the camera Friday night, June 10, right before the Markle Wildcat Festival Parade, are 2016 grouches Nicolle Helvie, Tracy Ripley and Kyle Decot. Grouch Brian Calbaugh is not pictured.

2016 MARKLE WILDCAT FESTIVAL Schedule of events

Friday, June 10

4:00-8:00 p.m.
PORK CHOP DINNER - Markle Fire Station

5:00-10:00 p.m.
FOOD ALLEY - Markle Park

6:30 p.m.

7:00-8:00 p.m.
WILDCAT PAGEANT - Main Tent - Sponsored by Markle Area Businesses

8:00-9:30 p.m.
OUTTA THE BLUE Bluegrass band from Gatlinburg, TN - Main Tent

9:30 p.m.
FIREWORKS - Markle Park

106-year-old Wildcat Festival marshal to be there in spirit

Helen Bradburn (left) is the grand marshal for the Markle Wildcat Festival parade on Saturday, June 11. Bradburn will be there only in spirit, with her oldest daughter, Eunice Youkey (right), taking her place at the parade.
Photo by Cindy Klepper.

Helen Bradburn will be at the Markle Wildcat Festival in spirit, but she’s sending her daughter to do the waving.

“Now, I don’t do too much,” says Bradburn, the 106-year-old grand marshal of Saturday’s Wildcat Festival parade.

Markle fest seeks vendors, paraders

Organizers of the Markle Wildcat Festival are seeking food vendors for the festival as well as parade participants.

The festival will be held June 10 through 12. This year’s theme is “Wild West.”

Applications for both food vendors and parade participants are available online at www.markleindiana.com.

Food vendors will set up at the Markle Park on Friday, June 10, between 8 a.m. and 2 p.m. Fireworks will be set off at dusk that evening, but it is not mandatory that food vendors be open during the evening.

Southbend 65 entertains at Wildcat Festival

Photo by Scott Trauner.

Members of the band Southbound 65 perform under the tent at the Markle Park on Saturday evening, Aug. 22, during the Markle Wildcat Festival.

Jump, Froggie!

Photo by Cindy Klepper.

Ben Lawlor places his frog in the competition area at the Markle Park for the Markle Wildcat Festival Frog Jumping Contest on Saturday, Aug. 22. The event was sponsored by Myers Funeral Home.

Checking their cards

Photo by Cindy Klepper.

Molly Schindler (left) and Kayda Newman check their bingo cards during the Bingo event held Saturday, Aug. 22, at Markle Park as part of the Markle Wildcat Festival. The event was hosted by Markle Health and Rehabilitation.