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HELLO, JOHN TROOK HERE. It was a dark, stormy, “rainy” night. My checkbook with all my I.D.s, gift cards, driver’s license, five $20 bills and one $5 bill. $105 gone. We drove up and down the aisles at Walmart, raining hard now, and cold. Is that it? Nope. There it is by the cart return spot. Nope. We ask many people if they saw a checkbook, “no, but will help you look.” How will I replace all those important cards? I’m not “gonna” sleep tonight. Exhausted and sad, I headed home. What is that white plastic bag tied to my storm door knob? There it is. Crushed, wet, imprinted with tire tracks, all the $105, all my medical cards, driver’s license and 14 gift cards safely inside. We indeed live in a great, loving and caring community Huntington, IN. Of course, the saint never left their name or phone number. I am blessed and I am grateful. May God continue to bless you, a person of character, integrity and love.
Thank you so much,
John Trook