Honor local trooper for saving life

Trooper Jason Ward.
Photo provided.

The Indiana State Police recognized and honored a number of its own people for various acts of duty, bravery and heroism during an awards ceremony held May 9 at the Indiana State Police Post in Indianapolis.

Among them was Jason R. Ward, of rural Huntington, a Ttrooper from the Fort Wayne Post who is assigned to patrol duties in both Huntington and Whitley counties.

Superintendent Paul E. Whitesell presented Ward the Indiana State Police Life Saving Award for his heroic actions, which saved the life of a Columbia City man in the early morning hours of Nov. 25, 2008.

It was on that date that Ward was on patrol on U.S.-30 near Solon Road in Allen County when he overheard a loud alarm sounding in the distance. Upon further inquiry as to the alarm's origin, Ward learned that the Arcola Fire Department was being summoned because of a vehicle traveling eastbound on U.S.-30, near the Whitley/Allen County Line, with a passenger who was experiencing a life-threatening medical condition.

Ward, who was initially only a few miles to the east of the vehicle, located it and found 20-year-old Zachary Mosley wrapped in a blanket and unresponsive in the back seat. Mosley's girlfriend, who was driving the van, said that her friend in the back with Mosley was providing him with chest compressions to keep him responsive until they arrived at the hospital.

With the help of members of the Arcola Fire Department, Ward quickly assessed the victim, removed him from the vehicle and attached his issued automatic electronic defibrillator (AED) to him. The AED analyzed Mosley and upon determining that a shock was required, Ward administered the shock, which revived Mosley and allowed medical personnel to transport him to Lutheran Hospital in Fort Wayne for further treatment.

Arcola Fire Department firefighters Trebor Trahin and Greg Crary were also recognized and honored with the Indiana State Police Life Saving Award by Superintendent Whitesell for their participation in this life saving action.