Andrews library misses out on Community Focus Fun grant

The Andrews-Dallas Township Public Library did not receive a Community Focus Fund grant from the state Office of Community and Rural Affairs as it had hoped,
Nancy Disbro, Andrews librarian, told the Andrews Town Council at the council's meeting on Monday, June 13.

However, Disbro added that the library could still apply for the same grant again this fall, and she said that other projects that have been denied funding the first time have been granted funding the second try.

The Andrews Library has been seeking grant money for its renovation and expansion project.

Angela Hoffman of Region III-A Economic Development, who has been working with Disbro on the grant, said that of the numerous commu-nities that applied for the OCRA grant in the same category as Andrews, only six moved on to the final round, with the library being one of those six.

"[The library] was one of the next ones on the list after the cutoff," Hoffman said. "There's only one surefire way to get points on the grant, and that's to have 100 percent low-to-moderate income."

The OCRA grants are based on points. Points are given based on criteria including how many low-to-moderate income people live in a community, and local financial support.

Of the two projects that received an OCRA grant in the same cate-gory as the library, one was a senior center, which Hoffman said serves a 100 percent low-to-moderate income cli-entele - senior citizens. The Andrews Library serves a population that is 56 percent low-to-moderate income, as indicated by income surveys taken earlier this year.

Disbro said that a representative from OCRA will make a site visit to Andrews later this month, at which the library will receive more guidance on how to pro-ceed with its second application. The library is also waiting to hear back from the U.S. Department of Agriculture about the other grant for which it applied.

In other business, the council:

• Passed Ordinance 2011-8, which moves more than $29,000 from the town's CEDIT fund into the wastewater fund in order to help pay for the next-to-last payment on a loan to town had in that department.

• Discussed Resolution 2011-2, which makes small changes to the fire protection Andrews provides to Dallas Township. The current agreement is in effect indefi-nitely until a new one is passed. The council can-not pass a new agreement until Dallas Township passes the agreement first.

• Approved spending $5,950 to have American Legal Services codify and digitize all the ordinances and resolutions passed by Andrews. This will make it easier for ordinances to be viewed based on topic. All current ordinances and reso-lutions are currently in paper format.

The issue came about within the past year, as Andrews tried to establish an ordinance creating rules for the Andrews Park. It was believed such an ordinance already existed, but none could be found. The town was reluctant to pass a new ordinance, which could conflict with an older law. With the new system, town employees and the general public will be able to view ordinances based on keyword.

• Decided to hold a special administrative meeting on Monday, June 27, at 6 p.m. to discuss potential budget cuts for 2011, as well as review the first draft of the 2012 budget. Under a new Indiana law, municipalities must publish their budgets in the state's "Gateway" program, which will allow anyone to review the proposed budget.

• Heard from Van Juillerat, town marshal and operations manager, about repairs to the water tower and the water filtration plant. The council approved spending up to $12,000 to have the filtration system in the plant updated.

Juillerat also reported several other repairs in the past month, and said that he has found leaks in lateral pipelines along Jefferson and California streets, which connect homes and businesses to the town's sewer line. This especially becomes an issue during heavy rain, as unneeded water is leaking into the system, drastically increasing volume, which puts strain on the entire sewer system. Juillerat said that depending on which part of the pipe needs repaired, it is either the town's or the homeowner's responsibility.