Andrews Library fine tunes grant application

The Andrews Town Council hosted a public hearing for the Andrews-Dallas Township Public Library's grant application to the state Office of Community and Rural Affairs during the council's meeting on Monday, July 11.

This is the library's second try to receive grant money. An earlier application was rejected in the spring, although the library was in the top six projects. Only two were funded, both of which were 100 percent low-to-moderate income projects, which is the biggest factor in determining what projects are funded.

Nancy Disbro, Andrews librarian, said that she thinks the library can make its application a bit better this round and can gain a few extra points to make the cut.
In addition, Disbro said, another difference between last spring and this fall is that progress has been made in receiving grant money from a program with the U.S. Department of Agriculture, which would cover 15 percent of the project cost. Disbro said that if the library gets USDA funding, it would be able to lower its OCRA request, causing the local match to be higher, making the application more attractive.

The library should learn more about the USDA funds in a few months.

Angela Hoffman, community development planner with Region III-A Economic Development, conducted the meeting, and said that she thinks the application will be stronger this round, although the library "is looking at the same odds" as far as the number of applicants.

The OCRA awards will be announced in December.

In other business, the council:

• Consented to allow the Andrews Park Commission to research and request quotes for several additional park improvements.

Linda Wright, APC liaison, said that the commission would like to clear out brush by the Norfolk-Southern railroad tracks, remove a dying tree and purchase topsoil and/or mulch to fill in around some playground equipment.

Councilman Ray Tackett also requested that the commission look into the purchase of a water fountain and the removal of old fencing around the old tennis court.

Wright said she would seek additional quotes before work begins.

• Passed on first reading Ordinance 2011-9, which re-inserts the pool fill clause in the town's summer wastewater adjustment for residents who use large amounts of water once a summer, in which case the water does not enter the town's wastewater treatment system.
The policy effectively allows town residents to not have to pay for the use of a sewer when the resident didn't affect that system.

Although the town still had the pool fill exemption, it wanted to consolidate that exemption under the summer wastewater adjustment banner.

The town will take up the issue for second reading and a vote at its next meeting.

• Heard from representatives from Mettler Insurance and IMG Insurance Services about the town's insurance policy for 2012. The council did not decide on a policy at the meeting.

• Decided to have a special budget meeting on Monday, July 18, at 6 p.m.