Principal Faroh to take post as Lancaster Elementary teacher

James Faroh Sr., principal at Lincoln Elementary School for the past five years, will leave the principal's post to become a teacher at Lancaster Elementary School this fall.

Faroh requested the transfer, which was unanimously approved during a meeting of the Huntington County Community School Corporation Board of Turstees on Monday, June 8.

Faroh will teach fifth grade at Lancaster.

"I am looking forward to continuing my career at Lancaster. I've completely enjoyed my five years at Lincoln," Farhoh says about the transfer. He adds it was a privilege to be at Lincoln with the kids and the parents.

Lincoln is the only school in the HCCSC that has failed to meet Adequate Yearly Pro-gress (AYP), as defined by the state of Indiana, for three consecutive years. As such, the state can impose sanctions on the school, including replacing its principal.

School board members accepted Faroh's request without comment and did not cite Lincoln's AYP standing as a reason for Faroh's departure.

The school corporation has implemented a literacy program and added extra administration and specialists to the school's staff in an attempt to meet state AYP requirements. The school has also opened itself up to suggestions from students and their parents.

Sanctions that can be imposed by the state if a school continually fails to meet AYP standards include replacing the principal and moving teachers around.

Adam Drummond, currently assistant principal at Lincoln, will serve as acting principal for the summer months until a replacement is found, school board members say. Board members hope to have the position filled on a permanent basis by late July.