Group trying to establish no-kill dog shelter

Lilly Bear's Rescue looks to the community for help establishing a no-kill dog shelter in Huntington County.
As a first step in fund raising a chili cook-off will be held on Saturday, March 10, from 3 to 5 p.m. at the American Legion Post 7 in Huntington.

Jenelle Conley, head of the organization, says Lilly Bear's Rescue is trying to raise funds to buy a building where the no-kill shelter would be housed.

Conley hopes to find a location near the center of Huntington County. At present, Conley houses all dogs that are taken in at Riverside Veterinary Clinic in Warren.

Space is limited there, as she only has about six to eight cages to keep the dogs in.

As every penny counts towards the goal, Lilly Bear's Rescue will also be selling T-shirts with their new logo on them, and coffee mugs in conjunction with Bailey's Coffee Ala Carte in Huntington.

And fund raising isn't the only step Conley is taking to establish Lilly Bear's Rescue. She is also undergoing the requirements to becoming a certified not-for-profit organization.

Conley says she has always "really felt strongly about helping animals," ever since she volunteered at an animal shelter in college.

The dogs she takes in are cared for by Conley herself, and she even takes dogs with behavioral problems to obedience classes to help them become more adoptable.

"Most of the time, there is nothing wrong with a dog that can't be fixed," she says.

To donate to Lilly Bear's Rescue make checks payable to Lilly Bear's Rescue and send to Riverside Veterinary Clinic, 160 S. Wayne St., Warren, IN 46792.