Roanoke to weigh funding options for utility project

The Roanoke Town Council will decide how to fund capital improvements to the town's water utilities at its next meeting on Tuesday, Sept. 18.

Greg Guerrettaz, of Financial Solutions Group, Inc., was present at the Sept. 4 meeting to answer any questions council members might have regarding the municipal water utility rate review he prepared.

The review analyzed receipts and disbursements, cash balance and all pertinent information regarding the town's water utilities, using information for the 2011 calendar year. Additionally, the review provided the council with two ways to fund the list of capital improvements to the water utilities it approved on its June 19 meeting.

Among the list of improvements are an expansion of the town's water treatment plant and the construction of a 200,000-gallon water tower.

In other business, a citizen voiced concerns about a pair of ducks that roam the town and sometimes cross onto streets where they could be struck by a car. The ducks are pets that belong to a Roanoke resident and Town Marshal Jim Wood informed the council that he could issue the owner a citation for not keeping their pets on their property just as he could the owner of a cat or dog.