Huntington County students attend Boiler orientation session at Purdue

Local students joined the Boilermaker community by participating in the annual Boiler Gold Rush program at Purdue University's West Lafayette campus.

The participants included:

Adi Ben Yehoshua, of Huntington; Anndee Hinesley, of Huntington, Austin Shaw, of Warren; Jessica Baker, of Huntington; Cory Mygrant, of Huntington; Elizabeth Blinn, of Warren; and Erin Hipskind, of Roanoke.

And, Emily Koons, of Huntington; Julia Helling-er, of Roanoke; Jericho Parrett, of Huntington; Amanda Kaiser, of Roanoke; Andrew Mason, of Huntington; and Mitch-ell Corbat, of Markle.

And, Melinda Miller, of Roanoke; Christine Peters, of Roanoke; Luke Smith, of Huntington; Sadie Herr, of Warren; Andrew Stumpf, of Roanoke; Lauren Taylor, of Roanoke; and Brandon Taylor, of Markle.

And, Tyler Blocker, of Huntington; Trevor Edris, of Huntington; and Kaitlyn Winters, of Huntington.

The mission of Boiler Gold Rush is to orient new students and their families during their transition to Purdue by creating a fun and stimulating environment, providing access to opportunities on Purdue's campus and in the Lafayette/West Lafayette community and by offering meaningful activities and leadership opportunities to encourage student success.