Zanesville council wants to have more say on unsafe buildings in community

Members of the Zanesville Town Council will take some time to consider an ordinance pertaining to unsafe buildings drafted by its attorney.

The ordinance was presented during the council's monthly meeting, held Thursday, Sept. 20.

The council had its attorney draft the ordinance as it would like to have an expanded say regarding what constitutes an unsafe building and what can be done with such buildings once they have been deemed unsafe.

There are currently three to four buildings in town, President Patsy Brock said, that are considered non-inhabitable and are, for starters, lowering the property value of adjacent houses, hence the council's interest in adopting an ordinance.

The council opted to not move forward with the ordinance until it gets a chance to read it over more closely and make any alterations it feels are necessary.
In other business, the council adopted its budget for 2013 and salaries for town employees will remain the same in 2013 as they were in 2012. Both motions passed unanimously.