HU ed majors find jobs in their field, say officials

Ninety-two percent of Huntington University's graduated education majors are employed in an education-related field six months after graduation, HU officials say.
The university has consistently showed this success over the last five years, they note.

Of that 92 percent, 82 percent are employed full time - the highest year thus far, and 5 percent are teaching part time. A majority of those graduates are employed in Indiana.

The survey was based on responses from 22 out of 25 graduates from the Class of 2012.

"Given the personnel and funding cuts coming as a result of decreased state monies, this is a remarkable accomplishment for our graduates," said Dr. Terrell Peace, professor and director of undergraduate teacher education.

"These results are encouraging to the department and should also be encouraging to those who may be considering coming to Huntington University to prepare for a career in teaching."