Final chance to cast ballot is on Election Day, Tuesday, Nov. 6

Anyone who hasn't already voted will have their final chance cast a ballot on Tuesday, Nov. 6.

Polling places throughout Huntington County will be open from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m., but local officials are encouraging voters not to wait until the last minute.

"If you've got to be at work at 9, don't show up at 8:55 to vote," Voter Registration Clerk Pam Fowler says. "Be patient if there's a line."

Officials at the polling places won't allow voters to move up in line. If there's a line at 6 p.m., however, they will keep the polls open until everyone who was in the chute at 6 p.m. has had a chance to cast a ballot.
Fowler says that, as of Thursday, Nov. 1, almost 3,000 Huntington County voters had cast their ballots early. That's about equal to the number of voters who cast their ballots early in the last presidential election year, 2008, Fowler says, but she notes that three and a half days remained in this year's early voting period.

Early voting will continue until noon on Monday, Nov. 1, at the Huntington County Courthouse.

Voters are required to present photo identification before casting a ballot. The Bureau of Motor Vehicles in Huntington will have special hours on Monday, Nov. 5, from 8:30 a.m. to 8 p.m. and on Tuesday, Nov. 6, from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. to process driver's licenses, learner's permits and photo ID cards. No other services will be provided at the BMV during those hours.

Anyone with questions about where to vote or who is on their ballot can find that information online at

Those without access to a computer should call the Huntington County Clerk's office at 358-4820 or 358-4819.

The Huntington County TAB will post election results online at www.huntin throughout Tuesday evening, Nov. 6, as they become available.
TAB carriers are also being encouraged to deliver the Thursday edition, which will include complete election results, beginning at noon on Wednesday, Nov. 7.

Here's where Huntington County residents should vote, listed by precinct:

Clear Creek 1 and 2 - Bippus Fire Station, 9236N-300W, Huntington.

Huntington 1 - Heritage Hall, Hier's Park, Huntington.
Huntington 1A, 2 and 2A - Huntington County Courthouse, 201 N. Jefferson St., Huntington.

Huntington 3 and 4 - College Park United Brethren Church, 1946 College Ave., Huntington.

Huntington 5 and 5A - SS. Peter and Paul Catholic Church, 860 Cherry St., Huntington.

Huntington 6 and 6A - Evangelical United Methodist Church, 1000 Flaxmill Rd., Huntington.

Huntington 7 - St. Peter's First Community Church, 206 Etna Ave., Huntington.

Huntington 7A and 8 - Miller's Merry Manor, 1500 Grant St., Huntington.

Huntington 9 - St. Peter's First Community Church, 206 Etna Ave., Huntington.

Huntington 10 - Heritage Hall, Hier's Park, Huntington.

Huntington 11 - Norwood Health and Rehabilitation, 3720 N. Norwood Rd., Huntington.

Huntington 11A and 12 - First Church of the Nazarene, 1555 Flaxmill Rd., Huntington.

Huntington 12A - Heritage Hall, Hier's Park, Huntington.
Jackson 1, 2, 3 and 4 - American Legion, 1122 N. Main St., Roanoke.

Dallas 1 and 2 - Andrews Municipal Building, 66 N. Main St., Andrews.

Union - Union Church, 3688E-40N, Huntington.

Rock Creek - Markle Fire Department, 170 Sparks St., Markle.

Lancaster and Polk - Mt. Etna United Methodist Church, Ind.-124 and Ind.-9, Huntington.

Warren - Bippus Community Building, 7957N-886W, Bippus.
Wayne and Jefferson - Mt. Etna United Methodist Church, Ind.-124 and Ind.-9, Huntington.

Salamonie 1 and 2 - Heritage Pointe, 801 Huntington Ave., Warren.