Desire to connect with community sparks business

Rebecca and Adam Hanson are the owners of Antiqology, which recently relocated to downtown Huntington. The store offers a variety of items, running the gamut from vintage to shabby-chic. Photo by Andre B. Laird.

A desire to connect with the local community sparked Adam and Rebecca Hanson's business venture, Antiqology, which recently located to downtown Huntington.

"The business started shortly after we bought our home and were looking for items to decorate," says Rebecca Hanson. "We had trouble finding things that were reasonably priced and had that combination of hip and trendy."

Hanson says she and husband Adam started selling pieces on Facebook and held a porch sale one weekend.

"We had about 150 people show up for the sale that weekend," Adam Hanson says. "And the phone calls and emails just kept coming in support of us opening a store."

After finding no building that suited the store's personality, the couple was approached by Rich Najuch and Joel Froomkin, co-owners of The New Huntington Theatre, who offered their adjoining building.

"It was a great fit for us and we received a lot of support from other downtown business owners as well," Rebecca Hanson states. "We opened for business in this location on Friday, Nov. 2.

She adds that the store offers something for everybody.

"We carry vintage, handmade, re-purposed, industrial, shabby-chic, new and old items," she states.

Adam Hanson says the store has a specific vibe.

"We tried to capture the hip and trendy Chicago style, without the high prices," he says. "We've had people come from all over the country just to come to Huntington, from Chicago, IL, to Nashville."

Hanson adds that although they have a strong online presence via the store's website and Facebook and Twitter accounts, it was the desire to connect with local customers that drew them to open the physical location.

"We would also love to partner with local artisans who are looking for an outlet for their work, but lack the resources," states Adam Hanson. "A lot of our pieces are local and we would like to keep it that way."

Current store hours for Antiqology are Friday and Saturday, from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. and Sunday, from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Adam Hanson says after Thanksgiving, there will be some holiday hours, including a few weekdays and the hours will continue through the first of the New Year.

Online, Antiqology is accessible at www.antiqol; via Facebook at or on Twitter at

For more information, contact the Hansons at the store by calling 388-9959.

The store is located at 544 N. Jefferson St.