Hunters being asked to help feed the hungry

Hoosiers Feeding the Hungry, a nonprofit organization based in Corunna, is urging deer hunters to take an extra deer and donate it to help feed the hungry.

Debra Treesh, the organization's executive director, says each deer provides about 50 pounds of meat. Bow hunters have already contributed 300 animals, she says, and her goal for this hunting season is 1,000 animals.

Hunters are asked to take the field-dressed deer to a participating butcher. Inform the butcher that the deer will be donated and Hoosiers Feeding the Hungry will pay processing costs. The meat will remain in the community in which it was donated.

A list of participating butchers is available online at That list includes WW Locker in Huntington County.

For information, contact Treesh at 541-0365.