Viking pep band embracing the digital age

Huntington North High School's pep band has entered the digital age.

The band's music is all stored inside each musician's school-issued iPad, freeing band members from the necessity of carrying three-ring binders containing some 40 pages of music, cheers and school songs for visiting teams.

The use of the iPads, Pep Band Director John Gardner says, is a time-saver. New music no longer has to be copied and organized into the notebooks; instead, the music is scanned, posted on a website and downloaded by the students. Class time isn't wasted storing and retrieving the notebooks from a band room cabinet, because each student has an iPad. With the student always having the music available, it's easier to practice outside of class, Gardner says.

The iPads are also equipped with a tuner, metronome and other applications to create, write and listen to music, as well as record performances for later critique.