Roanoke council approves pay raises

The Roanoke Town Council voted during its Tuesday, Nov. 20 meeting to increase the wages of nine town employees in 2013.

"What factors into it is the work they've done, if they've got their licenses, attendance, things of that nature," says President Troy Karshner. "Just the same as with any other job."

Town Marshal Jim Wood and Utility Superintendent Paul Swain are among those employees who will experience a bump in pay. The council voted to keep its pay the same.

Mark Mussman, executive director of Huntington Countywide Department of Community Development, addressed the council on two ordinances it was considering for passage, which are being passed countywide.

The first ordinance pertains to regulation of the subdivision of land. Mussman said that the ordinance simply brings the regulation into contemporary times with updated language, while the second ordinance changes the flag lot approval from a special exception to a variance.

The council passed both ordinances unanimously.

Karshner updated the council on the status of the town court, which will no longer collect revenue from traffic violations and faces closure. Huntington County Prosecutor Amy Richison made the decision in October to file traffic violations in Huntington County exclusively through the Huntington Superior Court. Karshner said that after speaking with her recently, that's still the case.

"There's no turning back now; it is going to happen," he said.

Clerk/Treasurer JoAnne Kirchner informed the council that she had spoken with Bobby Turpin, judge of the town court, and that he will be laying his deputy clerk off at the end of the month.

The council voted to retain the law firm of Bingham Greenbaum and Doll as water bond counsel.

Junior Geiger, president of Iron Clad Excavating, which is working on the extension of High Street in Roanoke, informed the council that the project was nearing completion.
Also, the council approved a request by citizen John Nelson to hold the Discover Roanoke 10K/5K on April 20 of next year. Brandon Taylor, president of the park board, introduced to the council two new park board members, Travis Stuttle and Steve Webber.