Bippus returning to teaching as part of retraining effort in Malaysia

Retired Huntington County educator Stan Bippus is returning to the profession as part of a program to retrain 1,000 physical education teachers in Malaysia.

The pilot program is being conducted by the United States Sports Academy, which placed seven full-time instructors in Malaysia from June 20 through the end of December.

Bippus is among a group of 14 experienced physical education teachers taking part in a "surge" from Dec. 1 to Dec. 9.

The goal of the program is to help build an interscholastic sports program in Malaysia. Such programs are key to the American sports system, academy President and CEO Thomas O. Rosandich says.

The academy hopes to expand its International Diploma and Physical Education and Scholastic Sports program to include 50,000 Malaysian teachers over five years.

Bippus has served as a superintendent, assistant superintendent, principal and teacher at various school districts across the country. He coached wrestling, basketball and baseball at the high school level.

He has also been involved in the development of a wide range of programs, from leadership training to distance learning initiatives. His publications include a series of eight booklets that should be taught in elementary schools and a newspaper column on parenting and educational issues.

Bippus holds a doctorate in educational administration from St. Louis University. He earned a master's degree in educational administration and a bachelor's degree in science/physical education from Ball State University.

Bippus has served as dean of continuing education at the United States Sports Academy He previously taught overseas in Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia for the sports university and taught facilities design at the academy.