Three Crestview Middle School students among top 25 finishers in website mathematics contest

Alex Wiedenhoeft (left) and Bailey Latta stand in their mathematics classroom, where they completed online math questions and finished in the top 25 in a regional math competition in which 1,459 students participated. Photo by Lauren W. Wilson.

Three Crestview Middle School students have placed in the top 25 out of 1,459 students competing in a mathematics contest held by the website Sumdog.

The site is a classroom learning tool that teacher Matt Groves began using at the end of the 2011-12 school year.

Groves says this is the first time Crestview students have entered such a contest.
The competition was regional, and 15 schools from northeast Indiana competed.
Students were expected to complete up to 1,000 math problems using the website,, either in the classroom or at home.

Elijah Dyer placed fourth out of the total contestants, meaning only three students answered more questions correctly.

He was accompanied in the top 25 by classmates Alex Wiedenhoeft, who placed 18th, and Bailey Latta, who placed 23rd.

Dyer received a certificate for placing in the top 10.
Latta says he enjoys math because it "moves quickly" and he would like to compete in the next round of competitions sponsored by Sumdog.

Wiedenhoeft says the more challenging questions posed during the competition were multi-step equations, but he says he enjoys participating because it is a "more fun way to learn."

For their accomplishments, the students were awarded a, "no homework" pass by Groves.

Out of the 15 area schools competing, Crestview Middle School placed seventh.

The students who participated in the competition answered 20,103 mathematics questions correctly.