HU prof, 3 grads have hand in graphic novel

This illustration is one of several created by Bryan Ballinger, a Huntington University faculty member, for the graphic novel “Dead Anyway: Stories from the Zombie Apocalypse.” Graphic provided.

A Huntington University professor and three HU grads have contributed stories to the graphic novel "Dead Anyway: Stories from the Zombie Apocalypse."

The novel is available online at DeadAnyway .com and

It includes work by Bryan Ballinger, assistant professor of digital media arts at HU, along with Josh Addessi and Cole Phillips, both 2010 HU animation graduates, and 2012 graduate Sarah Krzynowek Bodnar.

Balllinger also served as art director and editor for the graphic novel and was in charge of layout and general production.

"It's basically a collection of comic stories about zombies," Ballinger says. "Most are silly and humorous."

Ballinger became involved in the project through Pete Mitchell, front man for the Los Angeles rock band "No More Kings." Ballinger, impressed by the band's zombie-themed songs and Mitchell's artwork, had connected with Michell online. After Mitchell told Ballinger about his idea for the graphic novel, Ballinger went to work seeking contributions from artists for the anthology.

"We've got an incredible mix of contributors to this book, from established children's book illustrators to a concept artist who did work for several Pixar films, to an art director from Cartoon Network, to artists who've worked at Disney, to an animator and designer from Brazil, an illustrator from Belgium and an artist who's done a ton of work for Marvel comics," Ballinger says.