D’Amato clocks out for final time at post office

Larry D’Amato, a mail carrier with the Huntington Post Office, clocks out for the last time on Friday, Nov. 30, at the post office, in Huntington. D’Amato retires after spending 40 years with the post office. Photo by Steve Clark.

Larry D'Amato, a mail carrier with the Huntington Post Office since 1973, delivered his last piece of mail on Friday, Nov. 30.

Heading into retirement "feels great," he says.

Over the years, it was the job's social component that kept him coming back.

"Just being outside and meeting new people; that's the best part of it," D'Amato says.

Though he no longer has to fulfill the post office's unofficial mandate of delivering the mail no matter the elements, he now faces a different challenge.

"Just trying to figure out what to do with myself now," he jokes. "I'll take up bowling and golf again."