Zanesville council ponders tree maintenance

The Zanesville Town Council discussed maintaining trees in town rights of way during its Thursday, Dec. 20 meeting.

"If we have trees that are sitting on the right of ways that are our responsibility," said council President Patsy Brock, "we want to take care of the responsibility to keep them from maybe falling on someone's house or falling on someone's car and then putting the town in a larger state of liability."

Council directed Clerk/Treasurer Julie Christian to contact the town's attorney and find out if the town has the authority to go on to rights of way and remove trees. Council members also want to know if the town can have residents who object to having trees cut down near their properties sign a waiver that releases the town from liability should a tree cause damage.

Sidewalk and curb compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act was discussed, with the town being notified by the state that several sidewalks and curbs in town did not meet ADA standards.

Council previously signed paperwork acknowledging the state's findings and that it would work toward bringing the designated infrastructure into compliance.
Council established an ADA fund and will deposit $1,500 into an account every year to put toward those efforts.

In other business, council renewed the town's fire contract with Southwest Allen County Fire District, and Brock and Councilman John Schumacher agreed to switch positions on the council for 2013, with Schumacher becoming president and Brock becoming vice-president.