YMCA to hold 'Quest for Fitness' contest

Parkview Huntington Family YMCA will hold a "Quest for Fitness" contest for YMCA members Sept. 28 through Nov. 20.

The contest is similar to a weight-loss contest, but participants will be rewarded for their efforts, not for results alone.

Points will be given for improvement in the following areas: weight loss, body fat percentage, body mass index, blood pressure, resting heart rate, flexibility and waist measurements.

Points will also be awarded each time participants visit the YMCA, join a fitness class or personal training or attend free nutrition presentations.

The person with the most weight loss may not necessarily be the winner, as there are other ways to earn points.

Prizes include a six-month YMCA membership, three-month membership, one session of personal training, one session of a fitness class, a meal from Subway, water bottle, YMCA T-shirt and YMCA pedometer.

There is a fee to join the contest and the fee includes two fitness assessments, two nutrition presentations, sample workouts and the participants daily caloric needs assessment.
Registrations will be taken through Sept. 25. Members may sign up at the YMCA or on-line at www.huntingtony.org.

For more information, contact Todd Latta at 359-9622.