Warren council agrees to assist with parking improvements at scout cabin

Headlining the Warren Town Council meeting on Thursday, Jan. 17, was Christy McCarver, local scouting coordinator who updated the council local Scouting programs and continued upgrades to the Scout Cabin.

Council members in attendance were Barb Trosper, Ethan Stivers, Tracey Brown, Julia Glessner and Marilyn Morrison, clerk-treasurer along with other town employees.

McCarver reported that one area of concern was lack of parking and by consensus the council requested that Town Utility Manager Curt Day measure the area and get quotes for stone/gravel to fill the area. McCarver stated that volunteers would spread would be available to spread the stone. In addition, council requested that town equipment and per-sonnel be available to assist in the rebuilding of the hill behind the cabin.

Council reviewed an agreement submitted by AT&T for placement of additional infra-structure and an upgrade to existing infrastructure on the Eleventh Street water tower.

Following discussion, it was determined that AT&T be notified that placement of addi-tion equipment would result in amendment to the current lease contract of $990 per month. Morrison reported that other towns were receiving more revenue than the town of Warren for the same agreement. She was directed by council to contact the company re-questing an offer.

Morrison reported that work has been done in the record rooms on the second floor in preparation for the disposal of nonpermanent records. Records are being separated ac-cording to the state requirements. Application must be made to a county committee as well as notification to the state archives before records may be removed. The process is expected to be completed this year.

Council also discussed the replacement of the doors to the rooms. Day was directed to get quotes and it was also reported that the exterior door in the second floor council room, now used by auditors, needs replacement, but the work has to be done by a contractor. Trosper moved, seconded by Glessner, to proceed with getting three quotes for that re-placement.

In other business:

• After discussion, the council agreed to renew the employee benefit insurance. The re-newal will show a 6.1 percent reduction in medical premium cost. Stivers moved, sec-onded by Glessner, to approve a $1,500 HSA payment to each employee to cover de-ductible costs. The motion was approved unanimously.

• With acceptance of an offer of $5,000 for the purchase of the property at 126 E. First Street, Stivers moved, seconded by Trosper, to proceed with the purchase and authorize Morrison to execute documents as necessary. The motion was approved unanimously. The council will then work with Warren Area Chamber of Commerce for removal of houses on that lot and on a lot adjacent.

• Trosper moved, seconded by Brown, to accept a quote from Funk in the amount of $2,000 for fire station upgrades, including dry wall and new lighting. The motion was approved unanimously. Stivers moved, seconded by Trosper, to approve payment of $2,000 for replacement of hose and maintenance for some tools on the rescue truck. Salamonie Township will share the costs.

• Day reported that Arrow Fence has started work on the replacement and upgrade of ball diamond fencing at Tower Park. Also reported was that approximately $5,000 damage had been done to a pole at Eighth and Wayne Streets by a semi-truck. As the pole held equipment, T&B was called to replace the pole without interruption of power to one third of users.

The next meeting of Council is scheduled for Feb. 11, a WHARMM meeting is scheduled in Andrews on Tuesday, Jan. 22, and an administrative meeting of council is scheduled for today, Jan. 21.

An executive session is also scheduled for today at 1:15 p.m.