Couple offers catering services for both private and corporate functions

Alex (right) and Natalie Burgess are the owner-operators of 1024 Catering Company LLC. The couple works out of the Cottage Event Center, in Roanoke, but can prepare food in almost any permitted kitchen. Photo provided.

Alex and Natalie Burgess catered their own wedding and enjoyed the experience so much that they decided to offer the service to others.

The couple opened 1024 Catering Company LLC in April 2012. They operate out of the Cottage Event Center, in Roanoke, but can prepare food in almost any permitted kitchen. The company caters all events, including parties, receptions, rehearsal dinners, corporate meetings, graduations and showers.

Alex has worked in restaurants in Indiana, New Orleans, Kansas City, Dallas, Houston and Atlanta, while Natalie has worked in the area of business and office administration.

Calling the shots is fun, Alex says, and it's nice being able to do so alongside a good collaborator.

"It's a great feeling to be in charge," he says. "Natalie and I make all the decisions together and it's great having an amazing partner that we can bounce ideas back and forth.

"Any event, whether it's an office party, like we've done recently, or something larger, a 100-150 (person) event, we're in constant communication about everything, from the menu to talking to the clients."

The company's name has a personal meaning for the Burgesses and reveals their business philosophy.

"1024 is our address and because the initial thought with this business was the two of us doing it together, and having had so much fun catering our own wedding, we realized that it really all starts at the home," says Alex.

To that end, the couple strives to add a personal touch to each job it takes.

"One thing that we really like to focus on when we talk to potential clients is that while we do have certain menus set in place, where we can hand you a list of items and menus, what we love most is working with the individual to make sure that we're creating a menu that they truly love and that they're going to want to share with their guests," says Alex.

Favorite menu items have been Italian stuffed shells, crab cakes, barbeque pulled pork, bourbon chicken, Creole-seasoned sausage and their signature salad served with their house dressing, the couple says.

Recent events have included graduation parties, the grand opening of the Knights of Columbus, corporate meetings at Our Sunday Visitor and holiday parties. The company also catered a meet-and-greet for Congressman Marlin Stutzman and the Roanoke Chamber of Commerce Christmas dinner, which were both held at the Cottage Event Center.

While opening a restaurant is something the couple would be interested in at some point in the future, their immediate goals are a little simpler.

"We just want to get to a point where we're doing what we love every day," says Alex.

For more information about 1024 Catering Company LLC contact Alex or Natalie at 366-3297 or 366-3187.

They can also be contacted at or you can access their Facebook page at 1024CateringCompanyLlc.