Leonard bill tweaking unemployment benefits gets approval of Indiana House

An unemployment insurance bill authored by State Rep. Dan Leonard (R-Huntington) passed out of the House with a 62 to 32 vote on Feb. 4.

It will now go to the Senate for further consideration.

"It is important that unemployment insurance issues are legislated with prudence and delicateness. These matters require a great deal of forward-thinking and I believe this legislation does just that," Leonard says.

House Bill 1457 makes changes to comply with federal regulations.

It requires individuals receiving unemployment benefits to participate in reemployment and eligibility assessment activities as directed by the Department of Workforce Development.

The bill makes changes to comply with federal regulations.

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"We need to get the unemployed to those jobs. Our goal is to provide the unemployed top benefits and keep premiums as low as possible for employers," Leonard says. "These reforms in unemployment insurance are a step in the right direction for relieving businesses of unnecessary costs and providing opportunities for individuals to reinvest in their own skill sets."

State Senator Phil Boots (R-Crawfordsville) is the sponsor for the legislation in the Senate.