Nick’s Country Café owner hopes to be back flipping burgers in March

Nancy Bonebrake, co-owner of Nick’s Country Café on Old U.S.-24, stands inside the restaurant’s front door, boarded up after a car came crashing through on Jan. 23. Photo by Cindy Klepper.

A car crashing through the wall of Nick's Country Café on Jan. 23 caused enough damage to close the restaurant, but co-owner Nancy Bonebrake hopes to be back in business by early March.

The restaurant, located on Old U.S.-24, was forced to close after a car pulling into a parking place somehow jumped the sidewalk, missing cars parked on either side, and crashed through the front doors. The impact damaged adjacent walls and ceilings as well as heat ducts in the ceiling, Bonebrake says.

The accident happened at lunchtime and the restaurant was full, she says. The woman driving the car was to meet a friend for lunch, and that friend was sitting just inside the wall the car came through.

Both the driver and her friend were shaken up but uninjured, Bonebrake says. No one else in the restaurant was injured.

Bonebrake says she finished serving the lunch crowd that day, then closed until repairs could be made. She and her husband Ray received approval from insurance companies in mid-February to go ahead with repairs. She immediately ordered new glass for the front door, but says the piece of glass must be custom made.

"As soon as that entryway is in, we will re-open," Bonebrake says. "I think it will be about the first week in March."

The Bonebrakes are taking advantage of the down time to redecorate, installing new carpet, painting and refreshing the ceiling tiles.

Bonebrake says the redecorating project hadn't been in her plans at this time.

"I'd rather be flipping burgers," she says.