Zanesville council seeks to monitor unsafe structures

The Zanesville Town Council discussed the possibility of appointing someone to determine when buildings in town are unsafe and in violation of code during its Thursday, Feb. 21, meeting.

Dilapidated buildings are an issue in town and council talked about the need for a position where the sole responsibility would be to keep an eye on such structures.

"We've got a draft of the ordinance and we've got recommendations from the attorney," said council Vice President Patsy Brock on the process of creating the position. "We just need some clarification."

Brock and council President John Schuhmacher said the goal is to lay the groundwork for the position so that when next year arrives the position is something that can be budgeted for and made a reality.

In other business, council decided to put $1,000 toward the electric bills at the town ballpark, which is run by the Zanesville Lions Club, rather than give the organization a donation, which it had requested.

Council resolved that it was not its duty to support the club. However, with every incorporated town in Indiana required to have built a park or at least maintain one, council decided that a way to support the club more indirectly, while also fulfilling one of the town's needs, was to put money toward the ballpark's bills.

The $1,000 total will be paid directly to the electric company.