Markle offices to move for handicap renovations

Markle town offices must be moved out of their current building in order to make those offices handicap accessible.

One option for doing that, members of the Markle Town Council said at their Tuesday, Feb. 19, meeting is to move into the building currently occupied by the Markle Branch of the Huntington City-Township Public Library. The current library building is owned by the town of Markle.

While library board members have in the past expressed a desire to move to a different location, they're apparently in no hurry to do so.

The move of the town offices is prompted by the town's need to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), which requires that all facilities and programs be accessible by people with disabilities. The council has adopted an ADA transition plan, which calls for the town offices to be moved out of their current building.

Darren Goeglein of Goeglein Construction and Town General Assistant Mike Grant, who is serving as ADA coordinator, discussed the costs of adding on to the Markle Fire Station Building or constructing a new building on a lot adjacent to the fire station parking lot.

The new building could be occupied by the Markle Police Department and the clerk's office, but there would be no room for expansion.

Council also discussed using the current library building, which is owned by the town.

Council President Jeff Humbarger said he and Grant met with the board in 2012, at which time the library board was willing to discuss relocating to a larger structure. However, the library board wants to wait until spring to evaluate its options, Humbarger said.

Discussion of a new building for town offices will be continued in March.

A leaky roof on the library building is also a problem, Town Supervisor Rick Asher told the board. He presented several options for repairing the roof. Council agreed to hire 5-Star Roofing, of Hartford City, to install a new roof that will have a 20-year guarantee and increase energy efficiency in the building.

In other business:

• Duane Brumbaugh submittted his resignation as Markle's representative on the Huntington County Emergency Management Advisory Board. Grant was appointed to succeed him on the board.

• Rick DeLaney, representing the town attorney's office, submitted an employee handbook for review. Council members plan to review the handbook in March.