Melissa Jackson to serve as saddle club president

The Chief LaFontaine Saddle Club met on Feb. 20 at Moe's Restaurant.

Officers for the 2013 season are Melissa Jackson, president; Phil Kreider, vice president; Leslie Zahm, treasurer; and Andrea Funk, secretary.

The board of directors includes Bob Zahm, Linda Swain, Shannon Hughes, Bill Jackson, Linzy Lahr, Jim Nunley and Phil Graves.

Several events to be held at the Saddle Club grounds this season were discussed.  The grounds will host three Cowboy Mounted Shooting competitions, April 26-28, June 28-30 and Aug. 9-11.

The Indiana Barrel Race Association will hold two shows, May 10-12 and June 7-9. The Saddle Club will be holding its annual open horse show on June 16.

The grounds will also host the Huntington County 4-H Horse and Pony Show and Llama Show July 13-15. On July 26 and 27 the grounds will be the site of a junior rodeo.
Joan Drayer has started working on the horse show program book that is available at all the saddle club grounds events. The deadline of April 1 was set for the final insertion of advertising for the show program.

April 1 is also the date the dues for the Chief LaFontaine Saddle Club membership go up.

The Saddle Club grounds will be opened up for 4-H horse and pony riding meetings to begin after May 1.

The club has started the Bright Horizons Hoofed Animal Fund. This fund will be available for hoofed animals neglected in Huntington County. It will help pay for food and/or veterinary care in cases of severe neglect as voted on by the saddle club board of directors.

Monies for the fund have been made through profits from breakfast sales at shows and a few private donations.

Donations of money, feed and hay are always welcome.
The Chief LaFontaine Saddle Club is located at 792N-200W, in Huntington.

The club is a not for profit group promoting horses and horsemanship in and around Huntington.

The next saddle club meeting will be March 13, at 7 p.m. at Z-Place.