Livewire Computers to offer customizable PCs

Livewire Computers, in Huntington, opened for business on Friday, March 15. Pictured are (from left) the Waldron family, Katelyn, Kadence and owner Joseph Waldron, Kelly Maginnis and Jordan and Rick Voght, who is a Microsoft-certified reseller. Photo by Andre B. Laird.

Joseph Waldron is owner/operator of Livewire Computers, located in Huntington.

The store offers customized PCs and servicing on existing systems.

Waldron, who has 20 years of experience in the computer industry, says the business officially opened on Friday, March 15.

"I have 10 years of certification," Waldron states. "I am A+ Microsoft-certified to work on hardware and software as well as Sony authorized to do upgrades on Sony Playstation 3."

The business is one that Waldron and his family were thinking about for a while.

"I've always built and worked on computers," he says. "We can build a computer with better parts for less than the store bought PCs."

Another family member, Rick Voght, is a certified Microsoft reseller and Waldron buys most of his components from him to build customized PCs.

"We offer better parts with better and longer warranties than the big box stores," Voght states.

Waldron says that in offering to build a customized PC, his goal is to give customers exactly what they want.
"When you buy a PC at the store, sometimes there are a lot of programs than you either don't want or don't need that you'll never use," he states. "When we put one together for you, we only load the programs that you want."

An additional perk that is offered with a customized PC is art on metal.

"We can put pictures or artwork on the side panels of your computer if that's an option you choose," Waldron says. "We also offer art on metal as a stand-alone service. The pictures or artwork is pressed into sheet metal."

He adds that his family-oriented business is just trying to simplify the process for customers.

"PCs aren't complicated or difficult to run," Waldron notes. "We're just trying to offer a better PC than you would buy stock, off the shelf at a department store for a better price."

Hours of operation for Livewire Computers are Monday to Friday, from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.; Saturday, from 8 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. and Sunday, by appointment."We also do in-home repair and servicing for people who don't want to bring their computers down to the store," Waldron adds. "That option is available all week as well as on Sundays."

The store is located at 11 Riverside Drive, Huntington.

For more information, call 227-0337 or visit the store's Facebook page,