Tax bills for 2013 to be mailed out April 5; due on May 10

Tax bills for 2013 will be mailed out on April 5, Huntington County Treasurer Brenda Hamilton says, and the spring installment is due May 10.

About 200 Huntington County taxpayers may get an unpleasant surprise when they open their bills, Huntington County Auditor Cindy Yeiter says.

For the past three years, Yeiter's office has been sending out notices asking property owners to verify that they are entitled to the homestead exemption.
Notices for more than 11,000 parcels of property were sent out, she says, with multiple notices mailed to owners who did not initially respond.

Those who did not respond to the final notice will have their homestead exemptions pulled this year, resulting in the doubling of their tax bill.

Hamilton says her office is saving the taxpayers some money this year by using a presorting service, which will cut the cost of postage by almost a nickel for each of the 14,300 envelopes being sent out.

The service will sort the envelopes before delivering them to the post office as part of an even larger mass mailing, which earns the service a discount even greater than the nickel-per-envelope the treasurer's office receives.

Large packages of tax bills, such as those going to taxpayers who own multiple rental properties, are hand delivered by the treasurer's office if those taxpayers have offices close to the courthouse, Hamilton added.

For Huntington County property owners who don't want to wait to receive their tax bills in the mail, the amount due for each of the 2013 installments is listed on the county website.

Visit www.huntington. and choose "GIS" under the "County" tab at the top of the page. Enter the site and search for the property either by owner's name or address.

Here are the 2013 tax rates, with rates from 2012 listed for comparison, for the taxing units in Huntington County. A property owner will pay taxes to each of the entities covering that particular property.

The tax rates are listed for each $100 of assessed value.
Huntington County (county-wide) - 53.23 cents in 2013; down from 53.71 cents in 2012.

Clear Creek Township - 7.62 cents in 2013;
Dallas Township - 11.10 cents in 2013; up from 10.19 cents in 2012.

Huntington Township - 6.97 cents in 2013; down from 7.34 cents in 2012.

Jackson Township - 3.18 cents in 2013; up from 3.06 cents in 2012.

Jefferson Township - 3.32 cents in 2013; down from 3.81 cents in 2012.

Lancaster Township - 4.51 cents in 2013; down from 4.67 cents in 2012.

Polk Township - 8.48 cents in 2013; down from 8.54 cents in 2012.

Rock Creek Township - 6.61 cents in 2013; down from 7.4 cents in 2012.

Salamonie Township - 5.50 cents in 2013; down from 5.66 cents in 2012.

Union Township - 2.67 cents in 2013; up from 2.66 cents in 2012.

Warren Township - 10.53 cents in 2013; down from 11.87 cents in 2012.

Wayne Township - 5.73 cents in 2013; up from 5.61 cents in 2012.

Andrews town - $2.1158 in 2013; down from $2.7131 in 2012.

Huntington city - $2.3188 for 2013; down from $2.3194 in 2012.

Markle town (Huntington County side) - $1.1565 in 2013; up from $1.1517 in 2012.

Mt. Etna town - 29.76 cents in 2013; up from 25.23 cents in 2012.

Roanoke town - $1.2080 in 2013; up from $1.1994 in 2012.

Warren town - 94.64 cents in 2013; up from 92.59 cents in 2012.

Huntington County Community School Corporation - 90.16 cents in 2013; up from 85.02 cents in 2012.

Huntington City-Township Public Library (includes Markle) - 23.3 cents in 2013; down from 29.83 cents in 2012.

Andrews-Dallas Township Public Library - 10.35 cents in 2013; up from 9.56 cents in 2012.

Warren-Salamonie Township Public Library - 9.34 cents in 2013; down from 9.80 cents in 2012.

Roanoke Public Library - 13.38 cents in 2013; up from 13.28 cents in 2012.

Solid Waste (county-wide) - 1.43 cents in 2012; down from 1.44 cents in 2012.