Derelict buildings in Warren will be demolished

The Warren Town Council discussed several derelict properties during its meeting on Monday, April 8.

Resident Eva Witkamp requested permission to continue salvaging items from the home at 126 E. First St., which was recently purchased by the town for demolition. She said she had an agreement with the previous owner.

She also requested permission to remove the windows from the property at 120 E. First St., also acquired through the Huntington County Commissioners by the town for demolition.

Both requests were put on hold pending discussion with the town's insurance carrier regarding coverage of such activity.

Scott and Gina Canady, owners of buildings at 113 and 115 N. Wayne St., requested that Council consider using CEDIT monies to supplement the cost of roofing repairs on those buildings.

Noting that CEDIT monies had not been awarded in that manner previously, Council President Julia Glessner said that the request, and any similar requests, would be kept in mind when considering CEDIT projects.

Town Utility Manager Curt Day submitted quotes for the demolition of the houses at 120 E. First St. and 126 E. First St. Quotes were received from Zahm Excavating, $19,600; Ironclad Excavating, $31,333; Dirt Excavating, $18,730; Huffman Construction, $12,300.

The contract was awarded to Huffman Construction, the low bidder.

The project will be scheduled to be completed by the end of June if possible.

Council discussed the possibility of using Huntington County CEDIT money to cover the cost of demolition of those houses and to cover the cost of shoring up and roofing the building at 124 N. Wayne St. as further monies will be needed at all three sites. By consensus, it was requested that Clerk-Treasurer Marilyn Morrison prepare and submit a CEDIT application as soon as possible.

In other business:

• Jack Trosper and Council Member Barb Trosper requested that the town clean up a property at 104 N Hendricks.
The property had been previously condemned by Huntington County with the town paying the cost of removing the house. A shed and partial foundation remain. The nuisance policy will be reviewed and citations issued to the owner if such work is addressed in that policy.

• Honoring a request from Huntington County Community Development, Neil Laymon was appointed to fill a vacancy on the Warren Board of Zoning Appeals, pending his acceptance.

• The Spring Clean-up week was set for the week of May 6, Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Saturday, May 11, 8 a.m. to noon.

Morrison will work with officials of Huntington County Solid Waste to set up a Tox-Away Day at a later date.