Zanesville Town Council, marshal discuss 4-wheelers driving in yards

The Zanesville Town Council and Marshal Carl Collins discussed complaints of four-wheelers driving through people's yards during the Thursday, April 18, meeting of the council.

Collins informed council that he had received a call from a citizen who was unhappy about four-wheelers driving through the homeowner's yard in the early hours of the morning. President John Schuhmacher and Councilman Danny Miller replied that they had received similar calls.

Four-wheelers are not allowed on the road in Allen County and are allowed on only some roads in Wells County, provided they have the proper plating, Collins said.

Any Zanesville resident with knowledge of who is driving the four-wheelers is encouraged to call Collins at 638-4080.

In other business, Vice President Patsy Brock re-emphasized her desire that council allocate funds in next year's budget for the creation of a department of development and a position for a building inspector that would monitor unsafe buildings and code violations in town. Brock says several houses around her residence are either empty or empty and falling into disrepair and believes that such structures hurt the town's image.