Riverview regional champ at ‘Super Bowl’

Members of Riverview Middle School’s regional champion Academic Super Bowl pse for a photo after an overall first place finish competing in the Indiana Academic Super Bowl regional contest on April 27. Photo provided.

Riverview Middle School earned an overall first place finish out of the 18 teams competing in the Indiana Academic Super Bowl's regional contest on April 27.

When statewide scores were totaled, Riverview's social studies and English teams placed in the top 10 in their class.

The competition, sponsored by Purdue University, tests teams' knowledge in a variety of subjects.

Riverview's math team, English team and science team all finished first in the regional competition at Indian Springs Middle School, Columbia City.

The social studies team, which had been tied for first place, ended up in second place after a tiebreaker round. The interdisciplinary team from Riverview also placed second.

When the scores from all five teams were totaled, Riverview was named the overall meet winner.

A total of 245 middle schools from Indiana, divided into four classes, participated in regional competitions at sites around the state.

Approximately 85 of those teams statewide competed in the same class as Riverview. When scores were compared statewide, Riverview earned third place in math in its class; fifth in English; 17th in interdisciplinary; 18th in math; and 36th in social studies.

Members of the English and social studies teams will receive plaques and medals for placing in the top 10 statewide.

"They did, I think, really well," says teacher Denise King, who coordinated the Riverview teams.

Riverview's team members included:

English team - Charlotte Borland, captain; Rebecca Short, Sam Ellenburg, Ashley Moehring, Cheyenne Karst and Olivia Rosen.

Science team - Kevin King, captain; Robert Borland, Andrew Lund and William Borland.

Math team - Sam Daugherty, captain; Maggie Winters, Cassidy Moriarity and Logan Sizemore.

Social studies team - Jeff Burch, captain; Andrew Freck, Auden Eckert, Ben Warpup, Tyler Stroud and Alex Ranc.
Interdisciplinary team - San Daugherty (captain), Kevin King, Andrew Freck and Charlotte Borland.

Coaches are Denise King, English and interdisciplinary; Mycal Rodenbeck and Courtney McClure, social studies; Deborah Daugherty, math; and Heather Hiple, science.

The teams were formed in early February and have met two to three times a week since then. Students spent additional time in independent study.

The theme of the competition was "The Golden Age of Greece," and each team studied material, some of it college level, related to that theme.

The English team read "The Odyssey" and "Antigone;" the math team focused on geometry concepts and Greek mathematicians; and the social studies team studied the geography and history of Greece as week as the beginnings of democracy and other forms of government.

The science team studied optics, mirrors and famous scientists, and Dr. Jonathan Bratt, of Huntington University, met with the team to discuss real and virtual images and focal points.

Complete caption: Members of Riverview Middle School’s regional champion Academic Super Bowl team are (front, from left)   Jeff Burch, Tyler Stroud, Hannah Johns, Cheyenne Karst, Auden Eckert, Logan Sizemore, Brendan Henry, Ashley Moehring, Sam Ellenburg, Alex Ranc, Rebecca Short and Ben Warpup; and (back, from left) Andrew Lund, William Borland, Robert Borland, Cody Barton, Kevin King, Sam Daugherty, Maggie Winters, Charlotte Borland, Cassiday Moriarity, Olivia Rosen and Andrew Freck.