Kids Kampus celebrates teachers’ dedication

Pathfinder Kids Kampus teachers (from left) Julie Heacock, Sheila Crawford and Peggy Snyder show off the T-shirts they were given as part of Teacher Appreciation Day. Pathfinder recognized its teachers and their contributions on Friday, May 3. Photo provided.

The teachers at Pathfinder Kids Kampus celebrated Teacher Appreciation Day on Friday, May 3.

All teachers at Kids Kampus received a T-shirt thanking them for everything they do.

Currently, Kids Kampus is accepting enrollment for summer programming as well as fall preschool and playgroup.

Additionally, Kids Kampus is accepting enrollment applications for Early Head Start programming including:

• Home-based learning Programs for expecting parents and children 0-3 years.

• Pathfinder Kids Kampus Combination Program: 3-1/2 hours per day 2 days per week or 1 day for seven hours.

For more information visit, contact Pathfinder Kids Kampus at 356-0123 or e-mail Lisa Mettler at