Huntington Catholic announces AY HR awardees

Huntington Catholic School announces the names of its students who were named to all-year honor roll list for the 2012-2013 school year.

They are:

Grade Eight
All A's - Sophie Simms, Audrey Wilcox and Alyssa Woolard.

A's and B's - Andrew Albertson, Shelby Bowman, Brie-anna Coburn, Janessa Dodson, Olivia Henderson, Maximilian Pyle, Lindsey Scher, Matthew Warner and Ross Wilcoxson.

Grade Seven
All A's - Garrett Scheiber.

A's and B's - Benjamin Blomeke, Ian Broderick and Gavin Rosen.

Grade Six
A's and B's - Justin Albertson, Savannah Albertson, Gavin DeLaGrange, Madeline Dunn, Dylan Hasty, Alexi Holzinger, Olivia Jablonski, Samuel Mickley and Benjamin Young.

Grade Five
All A's - Darcy Williams.

A's and B's - Sydney Bowman, Gracey Linker, Peyton Rosen, Graham Scher and Hailee Wilcoxson.

Grade Four
A's and B's - Samantha Ball, Olivia Godfroy, Cota Hahn, Jessica Hartmus, Lillian Holzinger, Reid Johnson, Kassidy Krumanaker, Macy McCloskey, Corah Rupley, Seth Scheiber and Chloe Shepperd.