Coolman’s offers computer sales, service at affordable pricing

Robert Coolman, owner of Coolman’s Computer Service, in Warren, works on a repair in his recently-opened shop at 223 N. Wayne St., next to D&D Bikes. Photo by Scott Trauner.

Trying to fill what he sees as a need in the area and do so at affordable prices, Robert Coolman recently opened Coolman's Computer Service in Warren.

When Coolman was looking for a job after a 15-year stint with a company in Bluffton, his sister-in-law suggested Warren as a place to set up a computer business because there wasn't one in town, and Coolman decided to take the suggestion, he says.

The business is located at 223 N. Wayne St., next to D&D Bikes.

Coolman's sells and services laptops and desktops, always with an eye toward affordability, he notes.

"I'm trying to be what I think is fair, because frankly, I think, not a lot of people need all the bells and whistles," he says.

Toward that end, Coolman can build a custom system with the needs of the customer as the priority, both from the hardware and software angles, he notes. He has extensive experience with larger networks and servers as well, so he feels he can handle everything from an individual to a business.

Through his suppliers, Coolman can get brand name computers such as Acer, Lenovo, Asus and Toshiba, and carries the more common parts and accessories such as keyboards and monitors. Anything he doesn't have on hand, he notes, he can usually get in-house quickly.

"Most things I can order and have within a day or two," he relates.

Coolman notes that while he can sell printers, he does not work on them, because in most cases it is cheaper for the customer to buy a new one rather than pay a repair bill.

Coolman says he is A+ certified, and has a wealth of experience with Microsoft products.

Coolman's hours are Monday through Friday from 11 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. He keeps his mornings free for any on-site work he has to do.

The business' phone is 260-375-3300.

Coolman is a 1977 graduate of Huntington North High School, and attended Salamonie School as a youngster. He graduated from Huntington College in 1982.