Tech fees, reading books prompt book rental increase

Textbook rental fees for the 2013-14 school year have been set.

The Huntington County Community School Board of Trustees passed the 2013-14 fees during its June 10 meeting.

Assistant Superintendent Chuck Grable explained that beginning this fall, all elementary students will be charged a technology fee of $5.71 per student per year. This fee, Grable says, is meant to cover usage of the iPad carts given to elementary classrooms.

In kindergarten and first, second, third and fourth grades the textbook rental fees increased. The steepest price increase is in first grade, where the price will rise by $16.08 per student.

Grable says the price boost is due to the new "Journeys" reading materials, which offers six sets of readers per student at the first grade level.

At the middle schools, Grable says the maximum textbook rental fee per student will be $175.25 per student.

Also in 2013-14, middle school and high school students will be charged $18 per student for new cases for their iPads.

Student handbook revisions were approved by the board, which will allow students who are absent for any reason (including out-of-school suspension) to make up homework missed during their absence. The new policy allows the student the same amount of days to make up their homework as their absence totaled.

Also approved was the digital curriculum policy, which updated and refined wording for policies governing the iPads that are given to middle and high school students.

Several new teachers were hired for the coming school year.

They are:

• Darci Brown, language arts, HNHS.

• Jerrica Crow, kindergarten, Northwest.

• Andrew Enderle, special education, HNHS.

• John Fisher, emotional disabilities, Crestview.

• Joshua Huff, band, HNHS.

• Laura Sterns, part time physical education, HNHS.

• Roxanne Stouder, kindergarten, Lancaster.

• Deidre Van Straten, language arts, HNHS.

• Courtney Woods, first grade, Roanoke.

Security officers were hired for the high school. They are Koleman Hacker, traffic; Dale Osborne, traffic; Jay Kyle, traffic; Chad Hacker; Chris McCutcheon; Ed Wilcoxson; Cole Lahr; Skyler Beard; Jim Wall; Matt Hughes and Steve Sims. Non-officers Phil Marshall and Joe Bickel were also hired.

Jon Bennett, assistant superintendent of business and classified staff, reported a cash balance of $2.6 million in the general fund, $1.3 million in the debt services fund, and $361,371 in the capital projects fund.

The next meeting of the school board will be held on June 24, at 7 p.m., at Horace Mann Education Center, located at 2485 Waterworks Road.