Consultants advise Zanesville council to get study done on drainage system

Rob Hachaway and Mike Trevino from DLZ advised the Zanesville Town Council on what to do about the town's drainage system during its Thursday, June 20, meeting.

The system is aging, with some drains and tiles dating back to the 1930s, and records pertaining to the system are spotty, noted Zanesville Clerk-Treasurer Julie Christian.

Whether the town or property owners were liable for issues with the system was among the council's questions.

Hachaway and Trevino suggested the town contact the Office of Community and Rural Affairs and apply for a grant to get a study done on the system.

Town maintenance worker Rod Miller reported to council that many houses in town do not have numbers on them, which could make them difficult to find in case of a fire or other emergency. Council informed citizens that the Southwest Allen County Fire Station provides address signs free of charge, and can be reached at 432-2621.

In other business:

A dog was recently struck and killed on a road, leading council to remind citizens that all dogs in town must be kept on a leash or be under supervision at all times.

Council is accepting bids from companies to reseal roads in town.A motion to hire Arbor Works to perform tree trimming in town passed unanimously.

The final copy of the town's employee handbook is being drafted.