School staffers are keeping fit

More than 25 HCCSC employees are participating in fitness and nutrition classes this summer through the school corporation's summer wellness program.

Courtney Berger, a workplace wellness coach with Parkview Total Health, has organized a series of classes and wellness opportunities, including:

• Combo Walk - This instructor-led walking program teaches participants how to make the most of the steps they take.

• Eat Right for Life - Participants learn about proper nutrition in a friendly classroom environment.

• Move 45 - A circuit training class that incorporates a variety of full-body exercises.

The free classes are available at two locations, Roanoke Elementary and Horace Mann Education Center.

Berger says class participants are making great strides. At the end of the first week, 13 participants had accumulated a total weight loss of 27.8 pounds.

The district's focus on wellness gives school employees a chance to regroup over the summer months.

"The goal behind this is just to kind of eliminate bad habits and kick start good health," Berger says.

"Eventually, we hope to see improvements on health-risk assessments. We're trying to make a better you in every aspect."