Property assessed values should be out soon

Huntington County taxpayers should soon receive notice of the new assessed values on their properties, the Huntington County Assessor's Office has announced.

The assessment forms - formally known as Form 11s - were mailed out today, July 1, Assessor Terri Boone says.

The paperwork is the formal notification to taxpayers of the assessed value placed on land and structures for 2013 taxes, which will be paid in 2014.

Assessments have increased, Boone says, and that increase is due to a variety of reasons.

For agricultural land, the base rate has increased from $1,630 per acre in 2012 to $1,760 per acre for 2013.

On other properties, an increase in assessed value may be due to new construction completed since March 2 of this year, the annual trending adjustment or new cost tables.

The new assessed values may also be found online at

Protests of the new assessed values must be filed by Aug. 16. Protests must be filed in writing either by using a Form 130, which is available online at or in the assessor's office, or by writing a letter including the taxpayer's name, address, parcel, phone number and reasons for protesting.

For more information, call the assessor's office at 358-4800 Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.